35. 6 Things to Know About Bad Tenants in Savannah

6 Things to Know About Bad Tenants in Savannah

Savannah is one of the most enticing cities in America. From its vibrant historic district to its lush, rolling hills, there are few places more beautiful than Savannah. But while it may be a place where dreams come true for some people, it can also be a nightmare for others. Home sellers who have rented their property out should read this blog post to get six things they need to know about bad tenants in Savannah before renting their next home!

It’s not typical for a landlord to deal with the occasional bad tenant, but if you are ever unfortunate enough to have one then these tips will help keep your headaches at bay and give yourself peace of mind. Having guidelines in place when warning signs appear can make sure that nothing goes wrong by preventing potential issues before they even happen!

It’s hard to sell your property when dealing with troublesome tenants, especially if you’re in a hurry. From constant complainers and late payers to every type of problem imaginable – we’ve compiled all the information that’ll help make this process go smoothly for you.


When you’ve decided to sell an occupied rental property, even the best of tenants may be unhappy at the news. Bad tenants in Savannah can make the process of selling nearly impossible by interfering with showings or worse. If you can approach your tenants, you may explain your situation and why you need to sell the property; often, giving someone a reason is enough to bring them around to see your side of things. Perhaps they haven’t realized just how their behavior may be perceived, such as failing to maintain the property and causing an eyesore, upsetting the neighbors as well. Through a diplomatic explanation of the problems they are creating, they may be willing to change.

Keep Records

Be sure to provide ample warning in writing that you’re selling, there may be laws in place governing how many days notice a tenant receives, so you may wish to contact a professional for guidance, such as the professional investors at Spruce Home Buyers. In addition, it may be helpful as a practice to have an individual tenant record log in which you make notes during every encounter with the tenant while they are present. Their awareness of your records may give them pause about taking legal action against you. Suppose you’re unable to avoid legal intervention with your bad tenants in Savannah . You can protect yourself by having a record of events and your responses in writing, along with dated photos when applicable to your situation.

Remain Calm

When in-person encounters occur, be confident that you maintain a calm breathing pattern and make minimal physical moves to keep the situation as non-confrontational and impersonal as possible. No matter what tone your tenant takes, you must maintain a strictly business attitude and remove emotions from your responses. While it may be difficult, try to put yourself in the tenants’ shoes and remain objective. People quickly catch on to anything that will push your buttons and distract you from your efforts; however, they won’t find any buttons if you remain calm when dealing with bad tenants in Savannah .


Whatever you do, don’t make a bad situation worse by taking action that bad tenants in Savannah may interpret as threatening or aggressive or that goes against local, state, or federal laws. While it might feel good momentarily, doing things like cutting off utility services or changing locks can flare embers into infernos. Once you’ve conveyed any message, there is no need to repeat yourself. You should still allow your tenants reasonable peace; despite their actions, don’t call repeatedly or continue to contact them in a harassing manner. By maintaining your composure, you leave the door open for solutions.


If you’ve found your bad tenants in Savannah are entirely unmoved by your attempts at communication, you could try sweetening the deal. You could try bringing the tenants around to your way of thinking with cold hard cash, which can go a long way towards swaying uncooperative tenants. You want to be extremely clear that this is an exchange for a signed agreement to leave and hand over the keys to your property. Have the document drafted and ready for them to sign immediately upon your agreement. When they return the keys, you should return their security deposit along with any monies due per your original rental contract and change the locks at that time.

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