37. 5 Ways Selling a House in Savannah Has Changed in 2021

5 Ways Selling a Savannah  House Has Changed in 2021

We buy houses in Savannah GA. We are legitimate homebuyers in Georgia. Selling a home in 2021 has certainly had its fair share of changes. There has been an overwhelming shift towards a more digital world. Real estate certainly is no exception, with over 30 percent of homeowners preferring to buy a house online. Many homes are being bought sight unseen, although in todays world isn’t really as “unseen” as it used to be. Lastly, many people are even opting to sell a house without an agent in Savannah.

Selling a House In 2021 Has Changed

This year has certainly come with some changes. The real estate market has seen numerous and Savannah is no exception to this. We have seen home values reach new heights as new construction and building materials have been at an all time high. Mortgage rates have been lower than we have seen in recent years. The real question is, how has all of this affected the way houses are being sold?

Outside influences on the market, such as the economy and concerns about health, have created change, and the use of technology in real estate transactions continues to march forward. Therefore, real estate professionals must stay on top of all factors that affect home sales to remain successful.

Because the real estate market changes at lightning speed, and sellers may hesitate to enter the fast-moving waters without knowing just where to step. We’ve gathered the most recent data together to help you navigate the five ways selling a house has changed in 2021.


In the past, sellers had wiggle room when listing their homes and could hope for counteroffers if they were pricing high. So the first way selling a Savannah house has changed is that there is no room for error when you set your listing price. Today’s Buyers are much too tech-savvy, able to assess a listing within a matter of seconds, including if it is priced right, and will simply move on, knowing exactly how much house they can buy with their money. Therefore, you’ll need to pay careful attention to the current sales nearest you for homes most similar to help you zero in on the target number. Again, being on point with your listing price helps you sell faster. You want to avoid lingering on the market because the number of days listed can severely affect your final sales price.


Surprises are the last thing anyone wants during the negotiations, let alone the buyers walking away from the deal over a failed inspection. Even worse, buyers often take advantage of a poor inspection report and demand a discount on the asking price far above what the repairs would cost. Another way that selling a Savannah house changed is to order their inspection before listing. A pre-inspection allows you as the seller a sure footing regarding the inspection contingency common to traditional home sales. You can then decide if you want to invest more into the repairs or face the issue head-on with buyers from the start, allowing you to be in the driver’s seat for the amount you should discount the listing price instead of making the repairs.


Selling a Savannah house has also changed showings. Although typically, only the most serious buyers will be walking through, one way to achieve this is by only allowing buyers with proof that they are pre-approved for financing to circumvent needless exposure. In addition, in-person showings now include a systematic approach geared towards the health of the buyer and sellers. As well as limiting the number of people present during the showing, you should request that the potential buyers touch no surfaces during their tour of your home. In addition, because of health concerns, it is now common for sellers to provide a virtual walk through the house through the services of a professional drone pilot and 360-degree videography.


Another way that selling a Savannah house has changed, in addition to virtual tours, is the necessity for a professional still photographer to create high-quality images for your marketing campaign. Buyers notice, and if the photos are not up to par, they will simply continue scrolling past your listing. Before the photography sessions, you must take steps to show your home in its best light. Updating older appliances and a refresh with paint and strategic lighting goes a long way to brighten up any home. Top real estate agents can attest to the power of staging, so you should take advantage of this strategy when prepping your home for listing.


The methods available for selling a Savannah house have changed. With the traditional options of hiring a real estate agent or selling your home yourself to save the commissions, sellers may now sell directly to professional investors. Even better, you’ll have no out-of-pocket expenses to pay before your cash sale, and a direct sale is for your home as-is. A direct sale saves sellers both time and money because you avoid the prep work, inspection, repairs, and all of the headaches of showings. As a bonus, by selling directly, you will have a guaranteed closing date, typically within a matter of days. Not only do sellers save the commissions, but direct buyers, like those at Spruce Home Buyers, don’t charge any fees.

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