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“Had a great experience with Spruce homebuyers. Matt really took the time to explain everything to me and answer all my questions. He made the process easy and he means what he says.”

So now you see just how easy selling your home can be, but maybe you’re bit skeptical. Listen, we get it! We do a ton of research before we use any companies, and understand wanting to know more. This is especially true when it comes to selling something as big as a home or property. We are all naturally curious and I’m certain you have questions you’d like answered. We want to answer all of your questions and we want you to have all of the information your looking for.

Sell Your House Fast in Georgia & Get a Great Offer!

Is this a scam?

There are so many home buying companies, so who can you trust? We are not going to claim that all other buyers are scammers because that just simply isn’t true. There are a lot of honest companies, however scammers in real estate do exist. Go no further then many of our sellers coming to us after another buyer falls through on their agreement. A lot of new investors today are eager, and are making promises that they can’t fulfill. The unfortunate thing is this leads to disappointment and time wasted. We make sure that our offers are honest and accurate, so we can fulfill our agreement with you. Nothing is more frustrating than a “read between the lines” type of company. We continue to say we are the most transparent home buyers in Georgia. Our goal is to prove that to you.

How does closing work?

You pick the date! Closing in Georgia is usually very straightforward, and happens in 2-4 weeks. The beauty with us is that we are incredibly flexible, so we let you pick the date. All we need is to confirm that the title is clear and we can close. If you need more time, that works for us too. If you like the legal jargon, then here are the steps involved:

Contract and Escrow

When you decide your ready to sell and we sign a purchase and sale agreement, we then submit the contract to the title company. They are the same title company we have been using for countless sales and they are incredibly efficient. At the same time we will open escrow and hand over the deposit, otherwise known as earnest money. Our transaction coordinator will be be involved at this point and will reach out to set up an inspection date that works best for you.

Title/Lien Search

During this step we will perform a home inspection. At the same time the title company will be completing the title search. Most of the time there are no title hold ups. However, if there are any discrepancies, then we will be more than happy to work through those. Shhhhh! don’t tell, but we actually really enjoy resolving title problems when they happen. It sometimes allows us to come up with creative solutions. Depending on the results of the title search, this is where we will reach out to you to schedule the closing date that works perfect for you.


Time to get paid! This part is simple. We all sign some closing documents and the money get sent directly to your bank account by wire transfer. Closing can be done virtually if need be, however we normally sit down with the closing attorney in person. If you prefer to sign remotely, then we will happily send a mobile notary to you. Closing is very simple and usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Most of our clients find this part to be the most fun. Of course we have a guess as to why that is. Time to kick back and enjoy!

Am I going to get a lowball offer?

An absolutely fair question. We spend a lot of time and money to make these offers. We study the market, economy, competitors, etc. We also tour a lot of properties all across the state. We do this so we can make the highest offers possible. You accepting our offer is obviously in our best interest and we wouldn’t expect anyone to accept a lowball offer. We also care greatly about our reputation. In fact, we care more about our reputation than any accepted offer. It’s for these reasons that we create higher offers than other cash home buyers.

We love buying real estate, and we understand that it isn’t cheap. We are always working on ways to reduce our operating costs, so we can increase our offers. We have some great contractor relationships that allow us to keep our renovations costs lower than average. Guess what? This allows us to create even higher offers. Okay, I understand you are probably tired of me saying the word offer! How about one more for good measure: fill out the form below to get your non-lowball offer

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Is there a lot of paperwork?

A Ton! Just kidding. The paperwork always seems to overwhelm our sellers. It’s actually really straight forward. It’s actually much less than with a sale using an agent. We are only going to need a basic purchase and sales agreement signed at first. This is usually done through our online document signing service, however if you prefer “pen to paper” then we have got you covered there as well. This document is needed so that we can submit for title search and begin our preparations for closing. That’s honestly all we typically need until the closing date. Once we pick a closing time, the closing company will need some basic information from you, which they will collect from you via email. Lastly, we will be doing some standard paperwork for the state of Georgia at closing. Most of our clients find closing to be a breeze and often takes around 15-30min. Surprisingly enough, it takes longer to buy a new car than it does to close on a house and you don’t have to deal with all of the annoying sales gimmicks and tactics. Selling to a cash buyer like us, takes far less paperwork than selling though a brokerage. This is because we remove the “middle man”.

How long does it take?

This really depends on a few factors. However, we can comfortably say 2-4 weeks is average. When we do have closings take longer, its almost always due to a title problem. Don’t worry though, we will work with you to get these cleared up as quick as possible. Title problems occur in roughly 20 percent of our sales. Often it arises when people inherit property or when there are some additional liens that must be addressed first. We can get creative here and resolve these issues, and we are happy to do so. I know your thinking “that doesn’t really answer my question”. Simply put, most of the time we close in under a month, however with unforeseen issues it could take longer.

Shouldn’t I list my house with an agent?

Often times yes! We don’t always recommend you sell directly to us. There are situations where selling on the open market will be in your best interest. That is something that we often recommend to our sellers. We will always take into account your specific property details and needs so that we can make the best recommendation for you. We do offer many benefits and solutions that realtors and agents cannot.

Selling your home directly can save you thousands of dollars in commissions that would otherwise be paid to the real estate agents. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average agent’s commission is six percent of a home’s sale price and that commissions can be as high as eight percent. If your home sells for $150,000, you will likely pay more than $10,000 in commission fees.

By eliminating these fees, we can generate higher offers. We pride ourselves on looking out for people, so if we are not the right choice for you, we will absolutely tell you.

How do you form your offers?

1.) Determine the After Repair Value (ARV)

The first step is to determine the After Repair Value of the property. This is what the house will be worth after we renovate with a modern design. We renovate all properties to current year standards in order to get the maximum market value. This is how we increase our offers on the front end.

2) Create a Repair Estimate

Estimates are based on current material prices and labor prices. We do some work in-house since we like to get our hands dirty sometimes. So we are able to cut costs, and once again increase our offers.

3) Calculate Holding and Selling Costs

Next we calculate holding and selling costs. Holding costs include things like insurance, utilities, and landscaping. Selling costs happen when we go to re-sell the property. This includes things like agent fees, closing costs, and taxes. These costs usually total up to about 9 to 12 percent of the after repair value.

4) Determine Minimum Profit Amount

Finally, we determine or minimum profit. Since we do a good number of renovations we are very competitive here. Other companies will simply base their profit on a percentage, and we do not. Every house is different, so we factor in things like condition and timeline, so we can make the highest possible offer to you. We need sellers to accept our offers, so we can stay in business. Therefore, we make every attempt to reduce our renovation costs, and operating costs to accommodate this.

Home Cash Offer Numbers

After Repair Value = $275k

Renovation Costs = $65k

Holding and Selling Costs = $27.5k (10 percent of ARV)

Hypothetical Minimum Profit Number = $35k

Offer to You = ARV – Renovation Costs – Holding and selling Costs – Minimum Profit

Offer to You = $275k – $65k – $27.5k – $35k

Offer to You = $147.5k

Do you need to see my house?

Not always, but we like to. Of course the more information we have the more confident we will be. This results in higher offers from us usually. We can definitely do this virtually and have due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you prefer us to not visit your property we are more than happy to accommodate and a virtual tour will work for us. If we do visit the property, it is usually very brief and we can collect all of the information we need in less than 30 minutes for most properties. Along with being the most trustworthy company, we want to also be the most convenient, so we will work with your needs.

What do you need from me?

Not a ton! Fortunately with the type of home sale that we offer, we can usually cut down substantially on what is needed from the seller when compared to a realtor. We don’t need you to clean, repair, or move a thing. We don’t need endless property tours at inconvenient times. Lastly, we don’t need any commission or pay from you. We pay you and then we profit from the work we put in later. Did I mention we don’t need a lot from you?