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Spruce Home Buyers is a family owned and operated company. We are honest, dependable, and provide exceptional customer service to our clients. We specialize in buying houses, at a fair price, for people who need their homes sold quickly without the hassle of listing it on the market or dealing with an agent. We buy houses as-is – no matter what condition they are currently in! And we pay cash so you can get your house sold now! Our goal is to work with homeowners who are looking to sell their home fast but don’t want any hassles that come along with selling a property through traditional methods such as: advertising, showings, open houses and more. Don’t just take it from us though, let our online reviews and testimonials show you who we are!

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We take great pride in our ability to renovate without breaking the bank. We place a heavy focus on design and quality, but we don’t over do it. Finding a fine balance is key to allowing us to maximize profits and ultimately increase our offers to you. We use our industry connections to reduce costs as much as we can and if need be we certainly aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty.

Helping Others And Restoring Houses Is Incredibly Fulfilling To Us!

Honest “Cash 4 Homes Company” in Georgia

While we offer cash 4 houses in GA, we have company standards that we must meet first. We have an expectation when we use a service, and we know you do too. Our entire team will treat you with honesty, respect, and kindness. This is a strong company value and we will certainly abide by it.

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Professional House Buyers in GA

We Are BBB Accredited

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Our Values

Honesty and Transparency

We strive to be as transparent as possible. This way we can build and honest reputation in the community. We don’t hide our market comps, intentions, or numbers. We actually lay out everything on paper, so that our clients can see exactly what is going to happen when they choose to sign with us.

Help Our Customers

We will not purchase a property unless we truly believe that it is in our customers best interest. We often reccomend that our customers list on the market and we will continue to do such. It is important to us that our customers are happy before, during, and long after any sale. This is why we provide genuine solutions and ensure that our customers are making the best choice for them. Your situation, home, location, etc. all play a large role in determining what direction is best. We will help you do that, free of charge!

Follow Through

It is vital that we do what we say we are going to do! Obviously dates sometimes need to adjust a bit, or perhaps we run into some issues with title work that could delay things a bit. However, as a general statement, we follow through with what we say. There is nothing more disappointing than a company that doesn’t, and we never want to disappoint.

Enjoy Life

This one is important to us. Not only do we want to enjoy life, but we want those around us to as well. It’s important that our staff, partners, customers and everyone in between has an enjoyable experience with us. This is why we chose this career, because we truly enjoy what we do.

Reputable Home Buyers In Georgia

We are a Limited Liability company in Georgia. We are registered and fully compliant.

Trusted Cash Home Buying Company That Buys Your GA House For Sale

We are local Georgia home buyers. We offer Cash for your home with no obligation to accept. We offer 100% free consultation. We use our own money and private money to flip homes, therefore we can close in as little as 7 days. If you have a house that needs work or that you would like to sell quickly and avoid unexpected costs, we could be the right company for you.